My Story

I was born and raised in Akron, Ohio. Growing up, I would frequently spend time at my grandparents house. I would watch my grandmother casually entertain family, or get dressed up to go out with my grandfather & their friends. Her style was so effortless, & she made her own trends. She would pair inexpensive tops with designer bottoms, & vice versa. She was flawlessly beautiful, & always looked impeccable. As I grew up & discovered my own style, I always aspired to be like her, & make my own fashion rules.

 Along the way, I went to college & earned my degree & worked in the corporate world for a number of years. As my sense of style grew, so did the inquiries of where I purchased my outfits. I began consulting coworkers and friends about how to dress according to body type, & the best colors to wear, but to also to do what felt comfortable. As the years passed, I realized that fashion & style were my true passion; & that I needed to pursue my dream of starting my own boutique.

Today, I am sharing my vision with you, & showcasing pieces/outfits that I hand selected for Ely Road Boutique's website. Ely Road was the road that my grandparents lived on, & symbolized the cornerstone of my family’s fashion legacy. Hence, being the inspiration of the name of my business, blog & boutique name.

The goal of Ely Road Boutique is for you to feel the excitement to grow and expand your style, & to create your own rules. Also to be confident that you’ll be the only one wearing your creatiion. Enjoy!!





Ely Rd.